Automatically graded programming assignments.

How It Works

Automatically graded programming assignments

  1. A teacher submits a C, C++, C#, Java, Racket, or Fortran program.
  2. Enter some inputs to this program.
  3. Hyper Grade generates an assignment that your students review.
  4. Students write programs that match the output of your program.
  5. Hyper Grade automatically tests work, gives feedback to students, and makes their code available for review.
  6. You approve or override the grades recommended by Hyper Grade.
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Modern Classroom

Students can

  • Be confident that their work meets all requirements
  • Get instant feedback at any time
  • Store their programs in the cloud
  • View feedback from the instructor
  • Learn about complex programming techniques

Teachers can

  • Get higher quality homework from students
  • Create assignments that slowly build up in difficulty
  • Teach more sections of programming classes
  • Spend less time grading and more time with students
  • Create a paperless classroom

Book Store

Hyper Grade is a Website that requires an access key. Each key is $10.

Book stores can purchase keys in bulk using this order form.

We will send your bookstore laminated key cards that can be sold to students.

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